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In Finland, there has been a wide discussion on wellbeing at work and its influence on productivity. Especially in many SMEs, wellbeing at work activities tend to be separate, short sighted, occasional, and not yet managed systematically, purposefully, and effectively. This FOCUS-project will support those enterprises by building them a wellbeing at work management concept and to guide them to manage wellbeing at work in different kinds of crisis so that they could reach more wellbeing staff, better productivity and decreased costs of sickness absences, disabilities, and accidents.


The main aim in this FOCUS-project is to build an easy and free wellbeing at work management concept and digital application for smartphones and laptops that support building of wellbeing at work management system in enterprises. Both the concept and application will help managers to recognize development needs, set targets, apply necessary development tools to manage wellbeing at work and to build wellbeing at work management system in their firms independently.

Another aim in this FOCUS-project is to build crisis management instructions (published in December 2020 in Finnish) and digital application (planned to publish at the beginning of 2021) for enterprises inspired by covid-19 pandemic. Those instructions and application are handling contagious disease, accidents, cybersecurity problems, staff crisis, and crisis caused by business changes. They guide activities before the crisis, at the beginning of crisis, during the crisis, and after the crisis. The project is also collecting short success stories as videos, podcasts, and articles (published in Finnish) from those SMEs that have met the crisis and turned it into victory.

Both wellbeing at work management concept with application as well as crisis management instructions with application are going to spread widely in Finnish enterprises. Also, the effects of wellbeing at work management concept are planned to evaluate in pilot enterprises.


The national project is administered and coordinated by University of Vasa. The other project partners are the Universities of Turku, Jyväskylä, Oulu and Lapland, and Universities of Applied Sciences of Turku, Jyväskylä and Oulu. They form a coalition of high expertise in management, wellbeing at work, and information technology. The project area is covering south, west, middle, and northern Finland.

SMEs and MMEs representing different fields of business (5 to 10 enterprises/region) are forming a target group in this project.


Because of covid-19 pandemic, all project activities like tool developments, testing, piloting, feedback collecting, and spreading of outcomes will be implemented totally virtually.


FOCUS-project will last from 1st March 2019 until 30th June 2023 by ESF admitted the Ministry of Social Health and Affairs.

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